As a global population, we are at a historic inflection point today. The last 2 decades have seen our world transition from a heavy reliance on industrialization and embrace an economic model that will carry the baton to the end of this century. However, the pace of industrialization has left us depleted in resources and we don’t start from the same baselines as we did hundreds of years ago. Add to this, it has become very clear that our current trajectory for global growth is simply not sustainable. Our way of business today is not fit for purpose tomorrow. Which is why business leaders of today need to make changes to way they operate and embrace new economic models with an intrinsic focus on sustainability. We must understand that progress cannot be made in isolation. Consider the holistic impacts of our actions on progressing areas such as equality for all, gender diversity, reduction of poverty, improved healthcare for all, eradicating hunger and building a circular economy that is resilient and self sustaining. The challenge today is that this inflection point has given us a small window to make amends by 2030. With a collective effort, we can still turn this around, but as a global population, we have now been dealt our final card to make a difference.

About Us

“We didn’t inherit the world from our parents, We simply borrow it from our children”

Headquartered in Reading, Berkshire in the UK, we are a management consultancy providing advisory services to industry across the world. Founded by Akhil Handa in 2019, Earth 51 was born to help organizations embrace & contribute towards a more sustainable future. We believe that its incumbent upon businesses today to understand the consequences of their actions and be responsible to deliver a better tomorrow for generations to come.

One the one hand, there is the pressing need to deliver upon this promise, but there is very little in the form of guidance on how to genuinely make a difference in real world scenarios. At Earth 51, we solve this very challenge. We help businesses understand their status quo and design ways to help them influence their own growth sustainably whilst having a progressive and positive impact on the ecosystem they operate in.


Create a better planet for future generations


Inspire today’s leaders to grow their businesses sustainably and fairly


  • Grow without fear
  • Seek out diverse thoughts from diverse people
  • Be yourself & have fun doing what you do
  • Empathise with those that are less fortunate
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Do the right thing
  • Be honest with yourself & others around you
  • Think big
  • Stay humble


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I am interested & would like to learn more.


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